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We have excellent technological background for large-scale, high-volume wide-format and signage printing. From graphic design to implementation, we undertake comprehensive printing tasks.

We are capable of printing up to thousands of square meters of material daily. In our everyday work, we utilize a wide range of materials, allowing us to flexibly accommodate both indoor and outdoor printing needs.

With our up-to-date material knowledge and the fact that the founder of the largest printing material distribution company in Hungary is also the founder of BEFLEX, we work with an extensive range of materials.

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is a printing method where digital files are directly applied to materials. It's a technology-driven process where graphics are sent directly from a computer to the digital printer, which then applies ink onto the chosen substrate along the file's path.

UV printing is a form of digital printing. It utilizes special UV-curable ink that instantly dries when exposed to UV light, allowing the ink to be printed on a wide range of materials.

white fabric sheet arranged in a wavy pattern

What materials can be printed with a digital UV printer?

We print on a wide range of curved and rolled materials, with our most extreme solutions including printing on tiles, metal, and plywood.

  • Paper: Our printers are compatible with various types of paper, including glossy, matte, textured, or specialty papers, as well as cardstocks. This makes them ideal for producing high-quality posters, canvases, decorations, displays, and other promotional or communication materials.
  • Self-adhesive vinyl: We excel in printing on self-adhesive vinyl, widely used for outdoor signs, banners, vehicle wraps, stickers, and many more applications. The durable nature of the vinyl ensures long-lasting and vibrant prints that withstand the elements while remaining replaceable.
  • Fabric: Our technology supports printing on various types of fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, and blends, opening up possibilities for creating textile-based promotional products.
  • PVC mesh: We can also print on mesh materials that allow wind, light, and sound to pass through, making them an excellent choice for large outdoor advertisements, construction sites, festivals, and more.
  • Plastics: Our digital printers can print on various plastic materials, including PVC, acrylic (plexiglass), polycarbonate, and polypropylene. Our specialized equipment is used for board printing, installations, displays, and decorative materials.
  • Metal: We have printers capable of printing on metal sheets. These panels are versatile, lightweight yet strong, easy to clean, and recyclable.
  • Plywood: With our UV printers, we can bring your designs to life on laminated sheets, creating unique signage elements, displays, and special interior design solutions. This gives promotional or decorative materials a unique, conscious, and responsible character.
swimming pool with printed event decoration

Benefits of UV Printing:

  • Time-saving: Say goodbye to long drying times. UV printing dries instantly, allowing for faster production and increased efficiency.
  • Durable: UV-cured inks create a hardened surface that withstands scratches and wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting prints.
  • Weather-resistant: UV prints maintain their vibrancy and quality even when exposed to sunlight and harsh weather conditions.
  • High photographic details: Experience outstanding image resolution and fine detail, perfect for reproducing intricate designs and photographic images.
  • Enhanced color vibrancy: UV-cured inks deliver sharper, more vibrant colors compared to traditional printing methods.
  • Versatility in printing options: Print on a wide range of materials, from flexible rolls to rigid substrates, offering limitless possibilities for your projects
  • Environmentally friendly: UV printing utilizes UV-curable inks free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it an eco-friendly choice.

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Vutek 5r printer

Featuring UltraDrop™ technology our printing process delivers high-definition image quality, smooth shadows, gradients, and transitions, on almost any roll material.

Superwide roll-to-roll LED UV printer

  • Materials: roll
  • Max. Print Width: 5100 mm
  • Resolution: Up to 1200 dpi 
  • Colors: C, M, Y, K
efi vutek 5r roll-to-roll led uv printing machine in action creating beflex wall decoration efi vutek 5r roll-to-roll led uv printing machine in action creating beflex wall decoration

Vutek h5 printer

Featuring UltraDrop™ technology our printing process delivers high-definition image quality, smooth shadows, gradients, and transitions, on almost any rigid or flexible material.

Hybrid roll/flatbed LED UV printer 

  • Materials: roll, rigid and flexible
  • Max. Print Width: 3200 mm
  • Resolution: Up to 1200 dpi 
  • Colors: C, M, Y, K, lc, lm, ly, lk, white
efi vutek 5h hybrid uv led printing machine in action creating beflex board efi vutek 5h hybrid uv led printing machine in action creating beflex board

Signracer 3020 printer

Featuring Ricoh Gen5 s technology our printing process delivers high-definition image quality, smooth shadows, gradients, and transitions, on almost any rigid or flexible material.

Large Format Flatbed LED UV Printer

  • Materials: Rigid and flexible (PVC, dibond, aluminium composite panels, polystyrene, polypropylene, plexiglass, PETG, glass)
  • Max. Print Width: 3100 mm
  • Resolution: Up to 900 dpi
  • Colors: C, M, Y, K, white
efi vutek 5h hybrid uv led printing machine in action creating beflex board efi vutek 5h hybrid uv led printing machine in action creating beflex board

printing works

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Our printing team plays a significant role across all our areas, providing valuable contributions to interior design, commercial solutions, and various projects related to signage. Whether it's:

  • advertising materials,
  • displays,
  • signage elements,
  • decorations.

Due to the diversity of our solutions, summarizing our printing activities is not straightforward. Therefore, we showcase the boundless nature of our printing capabilities through printing technology, materials used in our print shop, our printers, and case studies.


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In the world of printing, choosing the right material is key to achieving the desired outcome.

From paper to foils and textiles, there are countless options available, each with its unique properties and uses.
Here we’ll present some of the most prominent and commonly used printing materials to assist you in making an informed decision for your next project.

Board materials

Honeycomb-structured paper sandwich board (re-board):

This is an eco-friendly, recycled paper cardboard designed for display applications and 3D signage. Its strong and lightweight construction gives it unique properties and benefits because it can be cut, milled and folded. It can be both printed and foiled thanks to its uniform flat surface.

Honeycomb-structured air-chambered polypropylene sheet:

Polypropylene sheets are environmentally friendly, halogen-free and recyclable materials that contain no toxic substances. Due to its durable and lightweight structure, it has excellent properties. It is available in different thicknesses and can be printed on both sides. It is a foldable,  die-cuttable material which is great for interior design and advertising decoration solutions.


This is a wooden board made of three or more layers of plywood with excellent printability on one side with UV inks, typically used as a base material for display structures. It can be milled and cut to size.

Aluminium sandwich board:

This sandwich panel, which is covered with aluminum on both sides and has a polyethylene core in the middle, is available in various thicknesses. It can be digitally printed, decorated with adhesive film, cut, and bent. It is superbly suitable for outdoor and indoor printed decorative elements.


Ecophon's premium ceiling solutions and wall panels provide excellent sound absorption. Both wall and ceiling solutions are suitable for humid environments. We not only use ECOPHON materials in our creations, but also distribute them.

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Paper roll and specialty foil materials

FSC citylight paper:

The citylight transparent paper is one of the most environmentally friendly materials. Following the guidelines of the FSC certification, the paper undergoes responsible and sustainable processes throughout its entire lifecycle. This includes forest management procurement supply chains, printing and finishing processes.

Printable wall graphics:

This flame-resistant monomeric foil can be used both indoors and outdoors. The printable wall graphics have a matt finish, and it is excellent for application on uneven exterior and interior wall surfaces thanks to its excellent adhesive properties. It's an excellent choice for medium-term solutions.

Glass decoration foil:

This material is used to decorate the interior glass surfaces of offices, shop windows and other glass surfaces including mirrors. It creates transparent, milky, sandblasted, acid-etched, or even crystal-like effects. These foils can be digitally printed with UV inks with excellent results.

Specialty perforated window foil:

Applied to glass or plexi, it displays the graphics from one direction while providing transparency from the other due to its perforation. It can be printed on one or both sides.

Translucent, light-blocking and diffusing films:

When decorating lightboxes with translucent film is perfectly suitable for displaying varoius colours, patterns, and textures. The light-diffusing film is also useful for decorating lightboxes. Its purpose is to diffuse light, thus avoiding the effect of speckled lights. As a result, it provides even illumination. With the light-blocking film, additional lighting effects can be added to different iluminated surfaces.

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Roll tarps, mesh, textiles

Building mesh:

Our building meshes, made from slices up to 5 m wide, all have a B1 fire protection classified, in compliance with safety regulations. They are installed welded and completed with metal rings. We can print meshes with UV ink, ensuring a perfect appearance.

Blockout tarp:

An ideal material for trade promotions, made of PVC with a black blockout layer sandwitched between two white layers. When printed on one side, its light-blocking properties are appreciated, while double-sided graphic printing can provide excellent indoor and outdoor presentation. On request, we can print blockout tarp with B1 fire certification.

Transcluent (backlit) tarp:

This material is translucent, which can be printed or decorated with self-adhesive film, is ideal for displaying graphic elements on streched lightboxes . Due to its weather resistance, it is an excellent choice for outdoor solutions.  We can also produce backlit tarp products with B1 fire certification.

Canvas and textiles:

Grey or black-backed canvases and textiles made from up to 100% recycled materials are ideal for premium solutions for exhibitions or theater backdrops when printed with the appropriate printing technology. For both types of materials, we can provide B1 fire certifications.


Ecophon Clipso stretch fabrics are designed to adapt to all types of spaces and situations. This special material offers many advantages, such as printability, improved acoustics, integration of lighting, and is an excellent solution for walls and ceilings in humid, damp environments. We not only work with CLIPSO materials but also distribute them.

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